LOGO DESIGN_ Children’s science project company, promoting exploration and re-use of everyday objects, Final logo playfully references magnifying glasses, magic-eight balls, and potato stamps.


LOGO APPLICATION + VISUAL SYSTEM_ a business card turns into

a box,a letterhead with directions to fold into an airplane.



Two booklets (one geared toward women and one toward children) that reveal how lemon juice is invisible ink and bobby pins unlock doors, among other little projects.





For Children:






For Mothers:



To add to the secretive nature and multi-functioning attitude toward objects, both books unfold into 11 x 17 inch paper with word game and stickers to brand whatever project the target audience chooses to create.


To carry the brand through to fathers, newspapers are bundled with Sneaky bellybands, replacing the subtitle with 101 ways to reuse a newspaper. Instead of placing an advert on the insides of pages, this tactic demands immediate attention + interaction of viewers.




All Sneaky printed on 100% recycled paper.