Megan Bullock is an interdisciplinary designer, maker, builder, writer, typographer, faciltator, organizer, participatory planner, daughter, sister, lover, and forever down to explore something unknown.

She believes

the world is worth

believing in.


Things that make her heart stir include mapping patterns between seemingly disparate things, that aha moment when you see something from a new perspective, juxtapositions, intersectional feminism, the ‘Hey Arnold’ episode when the kids transform an abandoned lot into a playground, creative problem solving, conflict + resolution, participatory making processes and surprise outcomes, breathing life into things others think are dead or lost, common ground, peach trees, Pippi Longstocking and other strong young girls looking to lead, acts of bravery, timeless typography, visual storytelling, people thriving outside their comfort zone.

Most of the time, SHE’S making things.

Megan runs Studio MESH, working as the Creative Director with clients like the ACLU, Artplace America, Every Mother Counts, the European Union, United Nations University, Global Dignity, & West Virginia Free.

She started the MAKESHOP Design Lab in Charleston, West Virginia to make participatory design, coding, & design thinking workshops accessible to local youngins.

You’ll find her renovating old buildings, like The Linn building, a pretty big ol’ abandoned building in the heart of Appalachia with local artists & makers, & you can sleepover at Etta or Hazel.

She teaches & public speaks on social impact design in spaces like the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, UN World Habitat Forum  & University of Tennessee. She’ll come talk your ear off, too.

Megan grew up on wide open spaces, aol css styling, West Virginia mountains, south Indian dosa, and she likes to tell stories about it all.

She’s a scifi fangirl, a convert, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a shower singer, a wanna-be spanish speaker, a supporter of women, & a makeshift muralist.

Some other cool stuff

Megan has served as a National Endowment for the Arts grant panelist, an Idea’s That Matter grant recipient, and a Global Studio contributor with Columbia University. She is a Creative Community Fellow alum, and a proud member of Female Founders Collective & RISD alumni network.

Her work has been recognized by Print Magazine, AIGA, UN World Urban Campaign, AIA Center for Architecture New York, Studio-X Rio & Mumbai, American Addys, HOW Design, and as a wee teen, the Harvard Book Award. Focus Magazine called her a Wonder Woman of West Virginia : )

She has NOT received a Fulbright Scholarship, a webby, and an ice scream shop scooper job, among other things she’s tried and failed for. But she believes in trying in failing, and in Brene Brown’s putting yourself in the arena of life.

Living into the questions… can work prioritize people, joy, radical imagining, living into our potential? A feminine economy? A more just, less violent future? IF you know, get in touch. 🙂

Check out musings @meganpage, @mesh_design, linkedin.